Dear partner,

     let me introduce You our Private Security Agency Abred.s.r.o, founded to help You defend Your company or private property, as well as take care about Your personal safety.

     Nowadays the state is not able, even with it's police and security to ensure complex safety for You. Our PSS Abred.s.r.o can offer wide spectrum of services in very effective way to support and protect safety of it's clients.

     Abred.s.r.o delivers the services in kommercial security based on licence, issued by Bratislava County Police Department according to law No. 473/2005 of Slovak law codex.

     In the name of Abred.s.r.o I thank You for confidence and wish You a lot of achievements in Your private, as well as business life, and I hope that you wil contact us in the furure with your security needs questions

managing director.

© 2006 Vodenský